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Wes Bentley On Being Cast As The Hunger Games' Seneca Crane

Bentley couldn’t spill on any details of the adaptation, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t talk about how excited he is to be part of the production. And, fans of the book will be pleased, Bentley assured us that while the film will “obviously be a little different” from the source material, he thinks we’ll “really dig it.”


Dissecting THG with Vulture:

As for Games, consider him a fan. "I read the first book, and she's such a great writer, Suzanne Collins," Bentley said. "I'm very excited to be a part of it. I loved the first book. It was so great. It's such an original idea. It echoes a lot of 1984. It echoes Ayn Rand. It's got all the elements of great literature. It's a modern tale of the government putting fear in people."

The rabid Games readership has had a lot to say about the movie's casting announcements, but Bentley doesn't mind the scrutiny. "I think it's all fair. It's great because it means there are passionate fans out there. That's the thing about literature: There are different ways to interpret what you've read ... It's difficult to create a great script and then to create a great movie after a great piece of literature. There's a lot of collaboration involved."

Read the entire article here.
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