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A Map of Panem

Hello all!  My name is Hayley and I was just rereading both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire when I began to think of the layout of the districts around Panem.  CAUTION:  IF YOU HAVEN'T READ CATCHING FIRE, I REFERENCE CERTAIN PLOT POINTS IN MY REASONING.

Now, my reasoning:

-The Capitol:  It says explicitly in The Hunger Games that The Capitol is in the Rocky Mountains and that was why the rebellion failed because the eastern districts weren't able to scale the mountains.  The Rocky Mountain range is huge (as you can see in the map) but when I hear Rocky Mountains, I think Colorado so I put The Capitol there.
- District 10:  In Catching Fire Katniss mentions that District 10 is livestock because the District 10 tributes are dressed as cows with glowing belts.  Due to livestock thriving in the grassy feilds of the Great Plains, I placed District 10 there.  It is also in close range to The Capitol so the meat would have a shorter travel time.
-District 4:  As we all know, District 4 is fishing.  Now, I'd like to make clear that the dots aren't the full reach of the district, just the general location.  So District 4 obviously touches the ocean but I think it would move back into land a bit as well.  Anyway, the Gulf of Mexico would provide tons of seafood and a warm waters to catch them in.  Plus, freshwater fish could be caught as well considering all the rivers emptying into the Gulf.
-District 6:  While nothing about District 6's industry or atmosphere is said, we do know Twill and Bonnie, in Catching Fire, were able to jump the train outside District 6 and were able to walk in a matter of days to District 12.  This means it would have to be close-ish to District 12 and the Illinois/Indiana/Ohio region seems to be the perfect distance.
-District 8:  Bonnie, one of the District 8 runaway in Catching Fire, describes the place she works  as "chilly".  Katniss remembers that District 8 was an "ugly, urban place... with no chance to learn the ways of nature."  I thought Detroit when I first read this because there must still be ruins, like the house by the lake in the woods outside District 12, and a district inside an urban ruin would have barely any nature.  That, combined with the chilly description, gave me the Detroit, Michigan area.
-District 7:  In Catching Fire, we learn District 7 is lumber and paper, which is why Johanna Mason is dressed as a tree.  I always picture the area around New England as being very woodsy and that would go well with their industry.
- District 12:  In The Hunger Games we learn that District 12 is in the Appalachian Mountains area.  I assume its somewhere around West Virginia or Kentucky because of the coal mining.  I think I placed District 12 around West Virginia but I can't be sure because I've never been in Appalachia and this is a topographical map.
- District 11:  On her Victory Tour in Catching Fire, Katniss notices the tempertaure change in District 11; its a lot warmer.  She also wonders how far south they've traveled on the train.  In the arena in The Hunger Games, Rue comments that she works in the orchards.  This all leads me to believe that District 11 is in the Alabama/Georgia/Carolinas area.

Alright, so I only plotted Districts that I could plot their areas based on their industry or other character's stories.  In some districts, we know their principal industry but that gives us no indication as to where they might be located.  For example, District 1 makes luxury items for the Capitol but they could make those anywhere and District 3 specializes in electronics but those could be made anywhere as well.  Some districts, such as 2, 5, and 9, we have no information whatsoever.  We know District 2 is a Career district, but that's all.  We've only ever met one person from District 5, Foxface, and all we knew about her was that she was cunning, sly, and smart.  District 9 is a complete mystery; other than the boy who gets killed fighting Katniss for the orange backpack in The Hunger Games, we've never heard another thing about it.

Keep in mind these are only guesses, deducted from information in the books.  Any thoughts?
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