Lindsey ☂ (shadybrightside) wrote in themockingjay,
Lindsey ☂

district 13 + other districts

It's Friday, I have no class, it's raining, and I'm bored.

1) Let's share theories! What do you think is in District 13? Something good? Something bad? Nothing?

2) I made a list of each district and what their industries are (yeah I'm a nerd, whatever. I also made a list of the tributes and their order/cause of demise), but I'm missing 6.

District 1 - "luxury items" (as stated in THG)
District 2 - ?
District 3 - electronics/"factories" (as stated in THG)
District 4 - fish/seafood
District 5 - ? (all we know of D5 is that Foxface is from there)
District 6 - ?
District 7 - lumber and paper
District 8 - fabric
District 9 - ? (I think "textiles", as briefly mentioned in CF)
District 10 - livestock
District 11 - agriculture/crops
District 12 - coal mining
District 13 - "graphite"/nuclear products

*potential Catching Fire spoilers in the comments!
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