C (retrostarfish) wrote in themockingjay,

Everlark Week Challenge Prompts

Title: Another Day
Author: starkist
Characters/Pairing: Katniss/Peeta
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Catching Fire
Summary: On the night following the day on the roof, Katniss wonders about the impossible. One-shot, set during Catching Fire. Written for the "One More Day" prompt for Everlark Challenge Week over on Prompts in Panem.

FF.net - AO3

Title: All That Love's About
Author: starkist
Characters/Pairing: Katniss/Peeta
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Catching Fire
Summary:Peeta’s proposal does not go as smoothly as he hoped; as a result, Katniss must address some of her own inner demons. Written for the "Grow Together" prompt.

FF.net - AO3
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