The Winged Poet (sciathan_file) wrote in themockingjay,
The Winged Poet

[Fic] - "A Fraction of the Light that Remains" (3/?)

Title: A Fraction of the Light that Remains
Author: sciathan_file
Characters/Pairing: Katniss's Daughter and Son, Katniss and Peeta, Haymitch, others
Rating: PG-13 (for an instance of physical abuse)
Beta: yatsuka
Spoilers: Spoilers through Mockingjay. Set post-epilogue.
Summary: The Mellark family has Good Days and Bad Days. Katniss' daughter must build her life on the shaky foundations that the past has thrown down.

Part 3 -
( Fake Cut to Fic! )

Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2
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