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fic: Days Go By (PG-13)

Title: Days Go By
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 7,368
Betas: shadadukal, deathmallow, and havocthecat (Thank you all so much! Any mistakes are all on me.)
Written for: smells_corrupt
Focus: Annie Cresta, Effie Trinket, Foxface, and Johanna Mason
Other characters: Finnick Odair, Haymitch Abernathy, and some original characters
Summary: Not everyone carries their baggage where you can see it, boys.
Author's note: Written for the rarewomen fic exchange. I couldn't decide which of the Hunger Games prompts I liked best, so I wrote 'em all: Annie: who is she after the Games? Who is she after the war? What does she tell her son about the past? Foxface: Who is she? Who/what is she fighting for? What's her Games experience like? Johanna: What's her life like between her first and second Games? How does she get involved in the rebellion? What's her life like after the war? Anything involving her PTSD/fear of water. Effie: What is she thinking during canon events? Where does she end up after the war?

Sunday, March 4, the 71st year of the Games
Tags: character: annie cresta, character: effie, character: finnick odair, character: foxface, character: haymitch abernathy, character: johanna mason, fanfiction
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